Calm & Energy Spray (EASE) – 8oz




Activation Products Magnesium Ease Spray, 8 fl oz

Magnesium is known as the MASTER MINERAL. In fact, it’s the second most abundant element inside human cells. Our cells are our lifeline; without them functioning properly, we not only fail to obtain our desired health, we simply can’t survive.

Magnesium deficiency compromises your body’s performance and ability to cope with things like daily oxidative stress and toxic burden.

What does EASE stand for?

E – Energize Your Body

Repleting your body of magnesium allows it to produce proper ATP energy, helps you absorb & assimilate proper nutrients and maintain proper cellular function – and it works to protect your DNA.

A – Alleviate Calcification

Repleting magnesium levels helps dissolve, release and alleviate calcification. This promotes healthier blood pressure levels and supports proper working sodium potassium pumps, cellular balance, muscular relaxation, blood sugar & flow, and cognition.

S – Sleep Better

Proper replenishment of magnesium works wonders for sleep. Getting your proper deep REM sleep, as well as some delta sleep, is vital for achieving a balanced wellbeing.

E – Eliminate Waste

Magnesium is required for over 330 enzymatic processes in your body. These are vitally necessary to combat oxidative stress and break down and eliminate waste.

Suggested Use:

Spray directly onto your body or spray onto your hands first to apply.

10 sprays on lower abdomen and smooth in with your hand. 2 sprays on each of the following areas: front of both shoulders and hips, center of chest, lower back, both knees, inside of lower legs and both ankles. Spray directly on cramped and stiff muscles or joints as needed for quick relief. Use liberally.

Made by the same company that offers Oceans Alive! Marine Phytoplankton, a unique super-nutrient formula with an amazing array of nutrients.

8 fl oz (250mL) in dark plastic with spray top


Health Concern: Blood Pressure;Healthy Heart

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