Topical Peptides for Hair Growth

Peptides are key to hair growth and skin strength.  These peptides are key to skin strength, and weakening skin is at least one contributing factor in hair thinning. When the skin of the scalp is strong, elastic, and healthy, hair can grow more easily and is thicker.

Peptides can block some of the negative hormonal effects that add to hair loss, such as hormonal changes, which also contribute to the thinning of your hair.

What to Expect from Topical Peptide Hair Treatment

What are Peptides?

Peptides are the chains of amino acids which make up all proteins. Amino acids themselves are made up of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, carbon and oxygen. Amino acids are in charge of transporting nutrients and sending signals to other cells. When these amino acids link up, they become chains called peptides.

There are quite a few types of these peptides, but the most important when it comes to understanding hair and skin is collagen.

How Does Peptides help Hair Growth?

Collagen is in charge of transporting nutrients and sending signals to cells.  Your body requires collagen to produce the keratin hair is made from, so the first way that peptides help with hair growth is by providing one of the key necessary building blocks for the hair itself. The second way peptides help your hair is through antioxidant activity.  Hair follicles are easily damaged by free radicals.

Can You Combine PRP and Peptides Treatments?

PRP and Peptides are signaling to your body to build stronger tissues in the area, blocking negative hormonal effects, and activating cells to increase the amount of time that hair follicles stay in their active growing phase. Both treatments rejuvenate cells in the follicles and scalp, and by combining them you get extra effectiveness. Not only is the PRP working to rebuild cells, but the peptides are also signaling to the body to build stronger tissues and blocking negative hormonal effects.

Other Hair Treatments

Exosomes / PRP

Exosome therapy is a safe and effective way to restore hair follicles.  It is different from PRP as it contains higher concentrations of growth factors that are lab derived.

PRP is a concentrated preparation of your own growth factors extracted from your own blood. When injected into an area of concern, PRP stimulates a stem cell response for regeneration of the target tissue.


ALMI is a groundbreaking regenerative treatment that targets the hair follicles by using your own cells to help stimulate regeneration as your hair progresses through natural growth, shed, and dormancy cycles. Results are usually seen during the next hair growth cycle and continue to improve with each new cycle.

 Noticeable hair growth increases typically are experienced in one to two months. This is as an outpatient procedure and uses a local anesthesia for the harvest and treatment site of the follicles and the harvest of the cells.

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