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Media Features

Testosterone Supplements & Skinny Fat

by Dr Tami | BulletProof Radio Episode 206

His and Hers Hormones

by Dr Tami | BulletProof Radio Episode 321

These Ain't Your Neighbor's Stem Cells

by Dr Tami | BulletProof Radio Episode 338

Tired of Feeling "Fine?"

by Dr Tami | Kathy Smith | Episode 24

Stem Cell Therapy: Is it ready for Prime Time FxMed?

by Dr Tami | New Frontiers w/ Dr. Kara Fitzgerald Episode 25

Skin & Your Cancer Risk

by Dr Tami | GreenSmoothieGirl

Hormones: The Hidden Secret to Health Youth, Performance & Vitality

by Dr Tami | BecomingASuperHuman.com

Treating Osteoporosis with an Effective Non Invasive Method: Inside & Outside

by Dr Tami | Fat To Fit My Quest Episode 92

How Fatigue, Testosterone & Women Are Linked

by Dr Tami | The Ed Talks Episode 25


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