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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main benefits to hormonal balance?

Where to start!? Since your body naturally offsets your hormonal levels from stress or just growing older, this can have a detrimental impact on your life from symptoms like fatigue, weight gain or just not feeling quite like you used to. Balancing your hormones will improve the way you feel, look and live. When your hormones are balanced and functioning, all of your body systems work more smoothly, providing you optimal health.

2. How can I balance my hormones?

Allow me to help! There are several things that come with hormonal balance including healing your adrenal glands, detoxifying your liver, eliminating stress, eating nutrient-dense foods, and utilizing herbs and vitamineral supplements that boost testosterone. Feel free to take my hormone quiz to begin your potentially life-changing journey into the world of hormonal balance!

3. Is there a way to naturally increase my testosterone? If so, how?

Absolutely! Eating nutrient dense foods and resistance-based exercises can do this for you. There are also several vitamins and herbs that have been studied that will increase your testosterone. To start, I recommend Maca 1000 mg and Ashwaganda 1000 mg.  These will increase your own testosterone production without any negative side effects. Testosterone is truly the secret weapon in anti-aging.  Boosting your own production is a safe way to harness this tool for your life.

4. Are there “right” times to eat throughout the day?

This has a lot to do with your adrenal glands. When it comes to your adrenal glands, when you do things is as important as what you do. I suggest starting your day off with protein. This promotes weight loss and isn’t as hard on your adrenal glands. Also, going for more than 3-4 hours without eating can be a stress to your adrenals so I would suggest eating a mid-morning snack. Additionally, you should make sure not to eat lunch any later than 2pm. Because our energy naturally dips between 3-4pm, this is the most important time of the day to eat. Make sure this snack has good fats, protein and natural sugars to support your adrenals. Finally, dinner should always be before 6:30pm.

5. Are there certain vitamin supplements I should be taking in addition to those improving my hormonal balance?

Even though vitamins can fill in gaps, they really should not be solely used as our regular source of nutritional micronutrients. We used to think vitamins and minerals could cover all our bases and provide all the benefits missing in our diet. However, vitamins do not contain a crucial element found in plants called phytonutrients. Phytonutrients protect us against disease. Eating organic and eating locally isn’t just trendy, it’s scientifically better for you.

Additionally, the standard American Diet (SAD) does not provide the vitamins and minerals required for a healthy life. If you can’t eat a balanced diet (let’s face it, who actually eats more than five servings of fruits and vegetables in a day?), a good multivitamin is helpful.

6. If testosterone is known as the male hormone, won’t it have “manly” effects on me?

Many women are afraid of testosterone, having read and heard about disturbing side effects of supplementation. But these effects were associated with high doses of testosterone that are up to 200 times higher than what I prescribe. Those exhibiting severe side effects typically used the same dosage prescribed for men with testosterone deficiency. And too much testosterone can cause growth of facial hair, acne, short temper, and other problems. Today we know that women need only a fraction of the accepted dosages for men.

It is important to have enough testosterone. I provide only as much testosterone as has been lost and at my clinic, I find side effects in women receiving these low doses are extremely rare.  In the small percentage of women who do experience problems, those effects disappear as soon as testosterone is stopped—and they do not return.