Executive Assistant Job Application

  • Dr. Tami Integrative Medicine LLC is looking for an Executive Assistant with previous experience. We are looking for someone who is dedicated to helping others, a team player, highly collaborative, and has excellent writing skills. A patient, compassionate personality is a must!

    Please don’t apply if you can’t work 40 hours per week, have the ability to work different hours including weekends, and if $16/hour starting wage is not acceptable to you. We highly prefer Dr. Tami, Seattle Stem Cell Center or Vitality Medispa and Medical Clinic followers who know our products, services, and mission.

    We have a mission-based, stable, profitable company, with the kind of employees who stay for years, and love their job. Our employees are:

    1. happy working alone (in solitude)

    2. highly productive / prolific

    3. highly collaborative with a team 

    4. smart, resourceful, good researchers, creative, self-starting

5. good written and verbal communicators

    The skills that will make you more successful but are not required are:

    Social Media savy – able to post interesting articles with appropriate photos

    Tech Savy – able to assist in launching a podcast, supporting a live webinar, record Video for social media

    Scheduling – be able to manage multiple projects, schedule speaking engagements, meetings, travel arrangements, etc.

    Thank you for applying!
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